We spend a third of our lives in our bed. Choosing comfortable bedding should be a priority for your well being. The material we got closest to our face and hair should be top priority. Mulberry silk is famous for being one of the worlds finest and strongest fabrics. It’s a very luxurious and expensive material, therefore we believe that you should choose a silk pillowcase for your hair, skin and health. 

Maybe you have heard about some of the benefits of sleeping on silk and then went to do your research and more options came along. Options that are cheaper but look quite the same. Options like lower momme in silk or satin. We made a chart for you, where you easily can see what benefits the different fabrics hold for you.

Choosing a silk pillowcase will make your skin care stay in your face where it belongs - not trapped in your satin, cotton or linen pillowcase. This means that you will get the most out of your skin care and keep your skin's own moisture balance. Say goodbye to sleep lines in your face, that eventually will turn into wrinkles. Say goodbye to frizzy and tangled hair, that eventually will break your hair. A silk pillowcase may be the easiest beauty product out there, all you need to do is sleep on it to get all the incredible benefits. It’s also the step in your beauty routine that is very hard to skip. (we all have been there, skipping our skin care routine at night, right?) But with your silk pillowcase, you will have an 8 hour beauty treatment every single night by doing the bare minimum.

When you invest in your silk pillowcase, you are investing in a piece that you will use everyday for at least 8 hours per day. You will also use less skin care products by time if you are used to resting your face on satin, cotton or linen.
Mulberry silk contains a natural protein called sericin which keeps the material from absorbing bacteria, dust mites and fungi. Since dust mites is one of the most common triggers for allergic reactions, a pillowcase made from Mulberry silk is one of the safest choices if you are suffering from allergies. In comparison to cotton, Mulberry silk is never treated with harsh chemicals. Therefore you won’t have to worry about inhaling toxins in your sleep.
- Stops friction damage to hair and skin
- Battles bacteria
- Prevents hair thinning
- Prevents wrinkles
- Temperature regulating
- Hypoallergenic

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Couldn’t agree more! Silk has transformed my hair health and definitely experience skincare benefits from sleeping on silk. LOVE these products.

Catherine May 01, 2024

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