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Silk Pillowcase - 006 Tiger's Eye

795 kr
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– Stops friction damage to hair and skin 
– Prevents hair thinning 
– Prevents wrinkles  
– Keeps hair and skin hydrated 
– Battles bacteria
– Temperature regulating
– Hypoallergenic

Read more about all the benefits here 

Includes one silk pillowcase with envelope closure

Standard 50x60 cm 

Material + Care 
100% mulberry silk in 22 momme that will take care of you while you are sleeping. OEKO-Tex certified. Machine or hand wash cold.

This color is inspired by the power from The Tiger’s Eye stone. It increases your ability to see new ideas and solutions. It helps you to feel more grounded and less nervous and worried. It’s a really powerful stone that helps you trust your intuition and bring light to situations, helping you see things more clearly. 

Introducing this color into your bedroom helps to create a feeling of being grounded and secure in your own space. A must for your beauty routine and your beauty sleep. Your skin and hair will thank you.

Full guide on how to take care of your silk pillowcase

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