Maybe you’ve come across the word “momme” many times and wondered about the meaning of it. Momme is a Japanese word used as a unit of weight for real silk to determine its quality. The higher the momme, the heavier and denser the fabric. It also determines the durability. The quality of silk bed wear typically varies from 19 to 22 momme.


When you are looking to invest in a silk pillowcase the first thing you should look for is its momme weight and density. Our pillowcases are sewn in 22 momme silk which is 16% more dense than 19 momme silk. The price range of course depends on the quality.

You can find silk bed wear made from as low as 16 momme silk on the market for a much lower price. The quality won’t be as high and it won’t provide you the same benefits as a pillowcase with a higher momme weight. With 22 momme you get all of the benefits for your hair, skin and health which a lower quality option just can’t duplicate. 

Remember to do your research, purchasing a silk pillowcase is an investment and it should meet your expectations.