Momme is a Japanese word used as a unit of weight for real silk to determine its quality. Momme indicates how much a piece of silk fabric weighs in relation to its size. It is similar to the concept of thread count in cotton fabrics, but whereas thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch, momme refers to the weight of the fabric.

Silk fabric with a higher momme value will be denser and heavier, indicating higher quality and durability. Conversely, a silk fabric with a lower momme value will be lighter and less substantial. 

In summary, momme is a measurement used to assess the quality and density of silk fabric, with higher momme values generally indicating better quality.


You can find silk bed wear made from as low as 10 momme silk on the market for a much lower price. The quality won’t be as high and it won’t provide you the same benefits as a pillowcase with a higher momme weight. With 22 momme you get all of the benefits for your hair, skin and health which a lower quality option just can’t duplicate.

Consider value for money and compare prices across Momme ranges: A silk product with a higher momme weight will offer better quality, durability, and benefits in the long run compared to a cheaper option with a lower momme weight.