I have always considered myself a free and spontaneous person. I remember having a complex relationship with routines in general and always thought of them as something boring and square. Later on in life I came to the realization that having personal routines is essential, especially when going through challenging times in which you easily get lost.

I saw how the routines helped me get back on the right track everytime I lost touch with myself. It made me realize the routines I used to refer to as “boring and square” made it possible for me to be who I always aspired to be; someone free and spontaneous. That is maybe why I am obsessed with trying out and sharing self-care routines that make life more blissful and fabulous. Inspiring others by sharing routines is exactly what Our New Routine stands for. I can’t wait to share mine as well as stories from other amazing people in order to inspire you to practice more self-love.


Our New Routine is for me, for you and all of the rebels and lovers out there. With our base in Stockholm, our mission is to provide you with carefully selected products for both inner- and outer well-being, because let’s face it, that’s where everything begins. 

We are proud to start off our launch with the core-product in our growing collection – the silk pillowcase. An obvious choice for us, because you spend a lot of time with your pillow – almost a third of your life actually.


We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you on how a blissful routine can help you find and connect to your true self.  We are also eager to bring our vibrant design into your life. We celebrate inspiring and passionate people of all kind, and when we create, we create with you in mind. So either if you’re into green tea or cocktails, Our New Routine is your new routine.

Love & light,

Susanna Viljamaa, Founder of Our New Routine