Meet Elsa! Influencer, podcast hostess, model, style guru and definitely one of the most vibrant and colorful people we've ever laid our eyes on! We've been following Elsa for ages, and one thing that we absolutely go crazy for is her way to put together the most exquisite looks and styles. On Instagram she goes by the name @elsaekman and her page is truly a piece of art, and she's the canvas. If you aren't already following her, you should definitely pay her page a visit! When asked about her routine she immediately knew which one she wanted to share with us. And if you guessed the routine had something to do with style, you guessed right!

”I have always been very expressive when it comes to my style. I love to break rules and to be creative with my styling. It’s my way to express myself and it makes me happy. My followers often ask me how to get more creative in terms of putting looks together and my go-to advice is always to start with wearing vibrant earrings. It’s such a simple way to spice up a look and it can even change your whole mood.”

This routine is genius! Nature obviously gave us a set of ears to hang sparkly stuff in. We can totally relate to the lack of creativity when it comes to putting looks together. We love the idea of vibrant earrings, because the right set of jewelry can even make a pair of jeans and a tee look like a million dollars. And it's true, the way we look can sometimes make a giant impact in how we feel on the inside.

”I keep my earrings organized, just so that I can find exactly what I need for the mood I’m in for the day.”

So, Elsa definitely is the queen of statement earrings, and we love that she has made it a part of her self care routine. A fun set of earrings can also be a great conversation piece and they will not only make you happy, they will also put a smile on the faces of other people. This is a self care routine for anyone with a set of ears and we are most definitely buying ourselves a pair. 

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