Meet Gustav, a creative soul with a great passion for beauty and skin care. We have always kept an eye on Gustavs page where he turns the most simple things into beauty. He always serves divine photos from his world. And not to forget, he curates the ultimate guide for skin care and it’s the place to go for inspiration for beauty products of all kind. On instagram Gustav goes by the name @gustavbrostrom, and if you haven't already, you should definitely pay him a visit! We had the chance to ask him about his routines and he immediately knew which one he wanted to share with the world.


“Since Covid started I get up at 6-ish every morning and do yoga, my back is killing me after working from home on uncomfortable chairs. After my yoga I brew some coffee and turn on the radio and listen to the news, while doing this I draw. I’ve done these bacteria/blood/vessel-like patterns for years and I never get tired, it’s like 'paint by numbers' except I decide both the paint and the numbers. This is really soothing and sometimes I get lost in time and realize I’ve drawn for 2-3 hours.”

This daily routine is an amazing way to let your brain rest while increasing both your creativity and focus. Setting boundaries for when the work day starts and ends can be quite a struggle when you work from home, therefore this is a great way to avoid screen time right at the beginning of your day while you get the chance to slowly wake up and prepare yourself for the agenda of the day. We couldn't imagine a better start. 


“Create a beautiful station at home, get some good quality pencils and papers and let the creativity flow”


To get the most out of this routine Gustav prepares himself a beautiful work station in his apartment where he sits and let his imagination come to life on the paper. This routine has it all, we are definitely giving this a go to boost our creativity and to put our minds at ease. You should too! 

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