We met with Gabriel during a photo shoot that took place in November. He told us about how crucial it is to him that the people he cares about are happy. Later on he shared the full routine and we couldn't feel more inspired!

"Two of my absolute favorite things in the world are music and good friends. So whenever I get the feeling to spread some love and energy, I look into my contact list and let my gut feeling tell me which ones of my friends need a great song to lift their day. I love making people happy and inspired. Also, I often get some cool songs in return to add to my daily playlist. When you give love, you get love."

Music can have a deep impact on both your mind and body. Upbeat music can make you feel more optimistic and positive toward things in life. Studies have also shown that it even can help you concentrate and feel more alert. Music with a slower tempo can help quiet your mind and even relax your muscles which comes to great use when you want to rest and calm down from a stressful day. What's a better way of letting someone you care about know that you're thinking of them than with sending them your favorite tunes?
In these times, staying connected to your friends and family can sometimes make the whole difference in both their and your own well-being. We believe that anyone can get inspired by Gabriel and include this amazing act of love in their daily routine. And if you run out of songs to send from your music library you can always send something else – a movie recommendation or a killer pasta recipe will also get the job done! 
We think that this routine is a super easy and original way to spread the love. We are definitely trying this loving routine ourselves!

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