When Chantalle enters a room she fills it up with good vibrations and you just want to know everything about her. We had a little chat with her and got to know all about her morning routines, which included a lot of inspiring rituals focusing on how to start your day with good intentions and gratitude. But she also let us in on one of her other routines which made our jaws drop.

"I'm a true believer in brain exercise. So I juggle everyday for about five minutes. It's a form of meditation that works for me. I feel like I'm in control and it reminds me to keep focus. It's such a good boost to see how I get better at it each day. You need to try it, it's so much fun!" 

Studies have shown that juggling both can improve your memory as well as your focus and vision. This form of brain exercise can even evoke your strategic thinking and increase your oxygen intake! 
This ritual is definitely good for both the mind and body. Although Chantalle is a pro juggler, she encourages everyone to try this. A simple way to start learning how to juggle is to start off by using two balls instead of three. We are impressed to say the least and we are definitely giving this ritual a go!  

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