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Pillow Mist - LUST

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One Pillow Mist 

30 ml 

About the scent  
TOP NOTES: Black Pepper from Madagascar

HEART NOTES: Orris Butter, Black Tea accord

BASE NOTES: Vanilla Beans, Creamy Musks, Amber Extreme, Suede accord

Warning: It's deeply hypnotic! 

LUST is No Ordinary Scents interpretation of skins touching each other. To build this skin on skin effect, we have used creamy musks to bring warmth and wrap the fragrance, combined with the addiction of the Vanilla, which makes you want to smell the fragrance again and again.

In the heart of the fragrance we have used Orris, which is a genderless floral note that brings a powdery and leathery texture. Finally, for the exciting and daring touch, we have a Black tea note with vibrant spices such as Black Pepper and a gentle smokey note to enhance the warmth effect. 

To give the long lasting effect on the silk, we have used heavy molecules that are less volatile, for example, one our musks is also used in fabric softeners formulations and has the ability to stay longer in fabric materials. 

LUST is built as a more intimate fragrance, that invites people in rather than an overpowering fragrance. We call it intimate sillage, only you and the person very near you will be able to experience the scent. This is a different construction vs public sillage, which is a fragrance that can be smelled by people behind you when you are walking on a street for example. 

We use high quality raw materials from Grasse, France.

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