We got the chance to meet up with Lulu, a lifestyle and fashion influencer who provides her followers with the most beautiful content. She shared her routine for remembering getting enough hydration during the coldest months of the year, and we love it! 
"During the cold winter I find myself struggling with drinking enough water. So I went and bought myself a really cute cup that makes me smile. From that cup I only drink my lemon water, in that way I remember to drink water and not only coffee and tea… It has become a feel good ritual that I enjoy treating myself with every day."


We can definitely relate to not feeling the same urge to drink water when the seasons change, although we know that our bodies need it. Getting dehydrated can lead to reduced motivation, increased fatigue and it can also make both physical and mental exercise feel a whole lot more difficult. Spicing up your hydration routine by adding some flavor to your drinking water can really help getting those precious drops your body needs.
Our brains are highly influenced by the amount of hydration we get, for example the most common reason to why we get headaches is related to our hydration status. The benefits of drinking more water are many. Studies have shown that staying hydrated can help increase the blood flow to your skin and even out your skin tone as well as it prevents signs of aging and reduces acne by maintaining your natural pH-balance. Drinking more water can even improve your gut health.
So remember to stay hydrated and get an excuse to go shopping for a really cute mug, drinking glass or a water bottle. 

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